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MP3s Added! How Exciting…

I have went ahead and added MP3s to a bunch of my posts. I can be lazy at times and will not want to add the songs because it’s a pain in the ass. But with modern “”, I can have them posted on here for streaming in the easiest way possible. Thanks to Justin Ryan for the heads up on this script! This song is for you, buddy…

Joe Esposito – The Karate Kid Soundtrack

Tiger…Who? Tiger Lou Who!

Tiger Lou

The brains of Rasmus Kellermen are fascinating. He is the man behind Sweden’s Tiger Lou and is slowly becoming one of my favorite song writers. Their latest effort, The Loyal (released on V2 overseas) is still looking for a home here in the states, but for now you can find many tracks off it such as the title track “The Loyal” as well as the ever-catchy “Patterns” streaming on their home page. For a glimpse into the mind of Kellermen, check out his frequently updated blog about the making of their 3rd studio album.

“Patterns” – Tiger Lou (mp3)

The Bronze Episode?

The Bronze Episode press

Ever hear of a band called The Bronze Episode? What? You didn’t? Asshole. Well nobody really has. Until right now. You have heard of them…because you’re reading about them and won’t forget the name because you are about to read it again: The Bronze Episode. Check these guys out and check back soon because I will be posting their upcoming tour dates. Oh and they’re from NJ and have an EP coming out on the newly digital Astro Magnetics.

“The Body” – The Bronze Episode (mp3)

We Are The New Audiophiles


Remember back in the stone age when the pioneers of music would record things to tape, press it to vinyl and then you’d listen to it through a tube amplifier and speakers that cost more than $50? How archaic! Well people are trying to tell us that the quality of music has been lost on the consumer. That today’s kids have NO IDEA what a good record sounds like. Assholes. Go eat some shit and listen to the newest record on Victory that was recorded digitally without a console on ProTools and then ripped off of the CD into glorious 128 kbps MP3 format, placed into your iPod and then blasted through your car’s incredible sound system using an FM transmitter. Fuck bottom end! Man, I sit back listening to my ear buds, soaking up the tinny sounds of today’s finest rock and I think to myself “This is it. Music never sounded finer”.

So starting today I am ONLY listening to music in MP3 format. No CDs. No vinyl. Just MP3. I’m destroying all of of my old Beatles records. Those guys were assholes. I’m going to urinate on a 2 inch tape machine. This is a revolution, man. We are the new audiophiles. If I want “warmth” or “depth” in the sound of my music I will simply light my Zune on fire or listen to it under water.

I will also only be listening to digital singles from now on. I will explain more about that later. Oh! People who buy books are stupid. That will be another blog.

My Bloody Valentine Reunion


My Bloody Valentine have added a small handful of comeback gigs! I might have been wearing over-sized baseball t-shirts the last time they played a show.

06-20 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-21 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-22 London, England – The Roundhouse
06-28 Manchester, England – Apollo
06-29 Manchester, England – Apollo
07-02 Glasgow, Scotland – Barrowland
07-03 Glasgow, Scotland – Barrowland

Add some US dates on there and I’ll burn my baseball Ts, buy a plane ticket and finally feel cool.

We've Got Bush!

This band needs to come out with a new record. Why? Because everyone stopped caring for them (rightfully so). If they make a new record, all us bloggers need to do is say “Seriously…did you get the new Bush record? You didn’t? Well… it’s genius. Gavin went nuts and spent 3 years making a masterpiece about dealing with stardom and major labels.” – and this band will become press darlings. Let’s do it!! Everything zen and stuff! Also, this is the best picture I could find of the band.