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The Pride Of Chester James

Chester James CD
This is just a message to those who aren’t familiar with Sleep Station and it’s mastermind David Debiak: You’re an asshole.

You really need to work on that. The first thing you can do is go and get his latest record The Pride Of Chester James on iTunes. Then, once Debiak sets the mood for you that leaves you speechless, you then go and pick up his last 6 records that you probably haven’t heard (After The War, Ahedonia, Runaway Elba-1, Hang In There Charlie, Von Cosel, I Sing The Body Holographic, A Wave Form).

Once you are done with those in a few years, take a glimpse into the mind of Debiak by reading his newly formed blog.

“Hell Has Come With Me” – Sleep Station (mp3)

RESCUE ME Was A Terrible Show…

Search Rescue

Nothing is stopping Search/Rescue from being the biggest band in 2008. Though formed by ex-members of Acceptance and Gastby’s American Dream, Search/Rescue is an amalgam of the likes of Keane, Longwave and Coldplay but with drums sounds that will digest your food for you. Their new record, which has yet to find a home here in the US but will still be on iTunes in the Spring, will hit shelves in Japan in 2008 and was produced by a bald genius named D. James Goodwin (New London Fire, Baumer, Murder By Death). That’s exciting! Just go check out their songs.

TOP 10 of 2007 (i had to do it)


01. Cloud CultThe Meaning Of 8
02. SpoonGa Ga Ga Ga Ga
03. Jimmy Eat WorldChase This Light
04. Dear And The HeadlightsSmall Steps Heavy Hooves
05. The Gay BladesGhosts
06. Loney, DearLoney, Noir
07. Band Of HorsesCease To Begin
08. Scissors For LeftyUnderhanded Romance
09. The Arcade FireNeon Bible
10. Kiss KissReality Vs. The Optimist

Wolf + Tron = Wolftron?


Some of you might say “Enough of the ‘wolf’ bands already!” Rightfully so. But what if you heard a “wolf”-band you actually really liked? I bet that tickled your no-no spot, didn’t it? Well I am proud to say that I might have found that artist and his name is Wolftron.

I tried my best to come up with some clever words to describe the music but after 3 drinks at my desk and a 12 hour work day the best I can do is “Pretty”. I also wrestled with using “Luscious”. “Pretty” won. It was quite the battle. Take what you love about Sufjan Stevens, The Postal Service and Stars, then mash that shit up like Silly Putty, make an imprint with it of the Home & Garden section of a newspaper from 1975 and you have yourself Wolftron. Anyone recognize that voice? Yes, it’s Kenny Choi.

Wolftron – “Sugar Skulls” (mp3)

SNOWSERA "So Subtle"


Consider this your early Christmas gift from Air & Sea Battle. Illinois based Snowsera has been lighting up venues across the Midwest since their inception in 2006 and they have now found their way to Air & Sea Battle with an exclusive download of their song “So Subtle” off of their self-titled EP for the next 4 days. Like what you hear? Probably. Purchase a copy of their EP at their web-store and help an unsigned band possibly pay some bills.

Looking for that download? Well the feature has run it’s course. Please visit their MySpace!

O' Shot, O' Shit!

The Gay Blades

The Gay Blades are your favorite band in 2008. Seeing them live is a treat… and by “treat” I mean you will probably get made fun of by the guy on stage or forced to stand up there with them and awkwardly shake a tambourine while getting attacked by beards of fury. The music is filthy and it compels you to hear more. It’s like a woman being nightmarishly attracted to a man who doesn’t wash his balls. Pick up their latest record Ghosts and download the remix of “O’Shot” on their MySpace page featuring Ant Stone or the album version below:

O’ Shot – The Gay Blades