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Let's Stay Friends

Les Savy Fav

I’m off to a late start on this one. The last time I had heard of/seen Les Savy Fav was in Mahwah, NJ at Ramapo College in 2003 with Sleep Station. I was standing in the back of the crowd, nodding my head as I usually do when Tim Harrington (vocals) of Les Savy Fav jumped off stage, ran towards me, jumped on my back and demanded I give him a “piggy-back” around the room…in which I reluctantly agreed. After that, I hadn’t heard a peep from the band until recently a friend of mine sent me a promo copy of their latest effort in 4 years – Let’s Stay Friends (French Kiss Records). This CD was everything I loved about Go Forth, but there is something much more raw and exciting about it. Let’s just say this CD literally jumped on my back and demanded I give it a ride around the room.


Satisfying Your "Pop Tooth"


Ya know how some people have a “sweet tooth“? Well I have a “pop tooth“. It is rare when something can really satisfy my pop tooth, though. Fortunately, I have the boys of Scissors For Lefty in my life who can successfully fill this gaping void each and every time I put on their CD or when I can see them live (last year at SxSW…incredible). Now… I don’t get up and dance when I hear it. That would be awkward and not very necessary. But it humbles me that I can if I wanted to and wouldn’t feel bad about it. For those of you who have seen them live, front man Bryan Garza puts on quite the show, getting even the most meager of crowds enthused and shaking their little fannies. Their sophomore record Underhanded Romance eventually found its way onto Eenie Meenie Records in 2007 after hitting shelves in the UK for almost a year prior and you need to pick it up. My mom also cooked them dinner once. She rules. Check out the remix for their track “Ghetto Ways” off of their latest album.

Scissors For Lefty – Ghetto Ways (remix)

March Of The Saints

March Of The Saints

“Oh that Jason. He’s keeps posting these things on his blog about bands I’ve never heard of!” Hey fuck you, man! That’s not fair! I didn’t ask you to read my blog! Wanna fightsies?? It doesn’t matter… nothing does… I’ve been behind on posts because I totaled my car and have been battling the car insurance system like you wouldn’t believe. It has consumed me and I’m stuck at home, car-less and building mashed potato mountains in hopes that the aliens will find me. What gives me hope? Not much. But the fact that these small, hard working bands exist out there that are totally overlooked by the common MySpacer, the average music listener just pisses me off and makes it worse. March Of The Saints is a perfect example of this. Go listen to their stuff on MySpace. Especially the song “Rejoice”. Have hope that there are people out there doing what they love.

Jupiter One. Go Get It.

Jupiter One

With an ass-ton of touring now under their belt, their music featured in the likes of Madden ’08 and a tremendously catchy record now out on Ryko, I am once again baffled as to how a band like Jupiter One can go under the radar. Their song “Countdown” spent 2 years in my head. TWO YEARS. That’s a long time. I actually lost my mind because of it and shaved off all of my body hair. Visit their website to hear a bunch of tunes, check out their tour dates and even buy their record.

Check these guys out at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC on January 24th. I cannot make the show, but I expect a full review and photo gallery from each and every one of you.

Jay-Z and Apple?


According to The Boy Genius (and other reliable sources) it looks like Jay-Z and Apple will be teaming up on some sort of yet to be announced record label. Jay-Z previously was the man behind the desk at Def-Jam until last month when he decided to step down and pursue other interests…. hmmm… How will this deal be structured? Will Jay-Z simply be ON the label or running it? Why is Apple making this type of jump into music? We saw Starbucks do something similar earlier this year… I guess if you build a strong enough brand you can sell shit to pretty much anyone. Our goal with Air & Sea Battle is to build a strong enough following to sell little gadgets that play MP3 files! Don’t steal our idea… I’m curious to see if these rumors are true and would love to see how this pans out. It could be an incredible thing or it could be Apple’s way of jumping the shark.

Join The Carrigan Club


CARRIGAN. I had the pleasure of seeing Zack Martin and his crew play in a shit-hole house in a shit-hole town in the Mid-West on my way to SxSW last year. After moving the mattress aside and setting up shop in a disease infested hippie’s bedroom, Carrigan then turned out the lights and painted a beautiful landscape for us that simply made everyone forget where exactly they were… It helped me also forget the team of bearded girls who were jumping on tables and chanting anti-male rhetoric 10 minutes prior. Carrigan’s latest effort Young Men Never Die will surely take you to a place that is better than where ever you are. Promise.

Valladolid- Carrigan (mp3)