Monthly Archives: March 2008

Cloud Cult – Feel Good Ghosts

Cloud Cult

It seems like yesterday that Cloud Cult’s last album, The Meaning of 8, found me so unexpectedly – so I was a little surprised when I saw a bulletin by them on MySpace saying that their new record, Feel Good Ghosts, was available for download. Exciting! Well, let’s just say I downloaded the shit out of it.

I hate to say this but I am not as impressed I was with The Meaning of 8, but this new album shines through enough times for me to want everyone and their handsome grandmother to pick it up. I will be seeing them at least twice this year at SXSW, see you there as well? Contact me!

The band was nice enough to offer a digital download with the option of getting the physical copy in the mail. This way not only can you listen to it you can also smell & feel it. Creepy! In my opinion, I feel everyone should sell music this way.