Monthly Archives: June 2008

Islands – Arm's Way

It’s been some time since the last Islands record, but I did not think they would come back with something as commercially ready as their latest album Arm’s Way. Every song is beautifully crafted, lush with harmonies, strings and vintage guitar sounds that would made any audiphile snicker (but secretely like it). I’m pretty upset by the lack of steel drums, actually. After their first album, Return To The Sea, I went to the local Guitar Center, bought a steel drum and spent $10,000 on lessons thinking it was the next big thing. I was wrong. I just returned it for a guitar. Whatever. This is a perfect Summer record. Just buy it. Oh and buy Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.


Viva La Coldplay

I’m a late Coldplay bloomer. I got into the band right after the release of their last album X&Y and felt like I was robbed of years of great music. At first I felt like a soccer mom when jumping on to the band-wagon (station wagon), but then realized that: great music goes beyond mini-vans (and station wagons). With today’s release of their newest album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, I got to experience the excitement of purchasing a new Coldplay album as soon as it hit stores. Having already listened to it three times in the last two hours I can safely say that this is a great record that will spend a lot of time with me on long drives and late nights working. Get on the band-wagon and pick it up.


Pinkerton was a great record. Though it was a “commercial flop”, no one denies the fact that it influenced a tremendous amount of music and became a “cult classic”. Weezer disappeared for years after Pinkerton’s release and fans (including me) salivated at the thought of a new record on the horizon. Then, behold! The Green Album! It had 1 or 2 strong tracks on it but I stayed the course and insisted that it was just Weezer’s way of getting back into the music scene with a 30 min record of 2 minute songs. “They’ll release their next Pinkerton, I’m sure of it!” I would say. Then Maladroit was released, then that other CD that I didn’t bother remembering the name of, and now the Red Album. Fifteen minutes into the new CD I was genuinely uncomfortable and felt sorry for Weezer and at this point I’ve all but given up on the idea that Rivers Cuomo is going to make another great record. I don’t know why it took me 12 years to realize that.