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On Tour: E For Explosion

Photo credit: Jason Debiak

Our good friends in E For Explosion have headed out on the road with the likes of The Reign of Kindo, City Lights & a slew of other bands. Check them out if you want to hear a lush mash-up of My Bloody Valentine, The Jealous Sound & early Jimmy Eat World. Tour dates are posted after the jump and visit their MySpace for even more tracks.

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ASB Loves The Internet

This is just a quick update to let you all know that Air & Sea Battle has joined the iEmpire known As Facebook. Simply click here to visit our Page and ‘Become A Fan’!

Other internet-related things coming soon: an iPhone theme & Twitter app. If there are any other features youw ould like to see added to the site, post a comment and let me know!

Can't Get Enough: Astronautalis

Like the hooks Beck generates? Like the vocals of Tom Waits?  Well, merge the two together, add intelligent free-style into the mix and you have yourself Astronautalis. The act is just one man, Andy Bothwell. I had the pleasure of seeing Andy perform at SXSW this year, it was just his lonely self and a laptop on stage but he put on one of the most engaging performances I’ve ever seen. Andy commanded the crowd like a goddamn dictator and then made them feel like shit for not being as talented. Don’t stand too close to him during the show though, spit WILL hit you.

Astronautalis has plans of releasing a new record in 2008, but for now check out his stuff on MySpace. Catch a video of Astronautalis performing after the jump…

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Robots Do It Again: Wall-e

I never thought it would happen… Pixar & Disney actually made a movie specifically for ME. I mean, I’ve been a fan of the films for ages now and have exclusively owned Apple computers, but I never thought they would go out of their way life this… Let me give a quick synopsis of the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Man makes garbage, flees earth for 700 years, leaves behind robots to clean up, all robots eventually stop working except one, this robot is unique, it collects garbage, eventually it falls in love with a probe sent by humans on spaceships to find out if planet Earth can sustain life, robot follows prode back into space, saves mankind in a Mr. Bean fashion.

Some pretty thorough shit right there… Anyway, what I found interesting was that 75 percent of the movie contains zero dialogue. But, even though most of the film is void of speech, it speaks directly to all of us. The stories of love & the search for ones self are abundantly clear and Pixar does a great job of conveying these messages through very subtle and simple sounds and movements. This is a technique used throughout film and television for ages, but it has yet to look this good. Beautifully rendered and colored, Pixar’s Wall•e is an absolute masterpiece. Even though it was made for me, I recommend you check it out. I can share and stuff.

The Bronze Episode – Son Coeur Son Corps

The Bronze Episode

Hailing from Hawthorne, New Jersey, The Bronze Episode offers a style of music that is at the same time comforting and unsettling in its authenticity. In short, The Bronze Episode are a modernist’s American folk band.

The growth of organic and unique singer songwriters like The Bronze Episode and their musical kin Manchester Orchestra, Cursive, and Andrew Bird is an ever growing reminder that fads come and go, but honest and tuneful music will always be “current”.

The 4 song concept EP Son Coeur Son Corps arrives with melds of elaborate sequencing, desperate and pleading vocals, hollow piano-sounds and symphonic strings all combined to form a collection of heavy yet surprisingly catchy tracks fit for a Wes Anderson soundtrack. The first of 3 forthcoming EP’s, Son Coeur Son Corps, is a beautiful introduction to story not yet finished.