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Musician’s Survival Guide To The Economic Crash

With the DOW plunging 600 points a day and banks being purchased like indie labels circa 1996, we know that the common musician is hurting. Well, here are some ways to help guide you through your 21st century struggles:

1. Convert remaining American dollars to Ramen. A&SB recommends a ‘chicken flavored’ heavy portfolio.

2. Move into your mom’s basement. In the likely event that you already live there, stop chipping in for milk.

3. Transition hair grease supply from premium refined to crude oil.

4. Instead of that epic concept album about washing up on a stranded island and starting a culture from scratch, write one about a band destined to work for tips.

5. Come to realization that nobody wants to buy your vinyl.

Music Fans Survival Guide To Economic Crash:

1. Steal

1. Buy more CD’s.

Important Item: Know Your TV Judges

Who am I? A journalist who works for a major metropolitan newspaper. I have come to review music and live performances on an almost daily basis and write the occasional inane web column. The following is the latter. If you have recommendations or want to be reviewed once A&SB gets going at full strength, reach me @

Nobody ever really wants to watch a judge show, but you know the scenario all too well. You’re sitting around at home all day downing some leftover codeine and eating Cheetos when all that’s on is crappy infomercials, professional bowling reruns and some defendant with horse hair extensions explaining to the court that she made a verbal agreement with her roommate that she wouldn’t have to pay any rent for 6 months.

So after you order that Hawaii chair, got about a dozen highly qualified TV judges staring you in the face. But which one do you watch? Fear no longer, because Air & Sea Battle is the only judge fit to review the TV courtroom multiverse (you can thank us later). Continue reading

Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection

There are so many reasons to buy the new Bottle Rocket Criterion Collection ($36; DVD or Blu-Ray; Nov. 4th). One being that it’s director Wes Anderson’s first feature film, another being that it’s the film that put the Wilson brothers (Owen and Luke) on the map. Throw in some deleted scenes, digital remastering, director & writer commentary, the original Bottle Rocket short film from 1992, a booklet featuring an essay by executive producer James L. Brooks, an appreciation by Martin Scorsese, and original artwork by Ian Dingman… and you have yourself something that needs to be in your DVD or Blu-Ray collection.


Your New Favorite Show: Fringe

Can’t get enough Lost? I know I can’t. So when J.J. Abrams, creator of Lost, comes out with a new television show, you bet your ass I will be there watching it on the day of the premiere. Last night was the first episode of FRINGE and I must say, I was very impressed. It spoke directly to my love for conspiracy theories, science and people with transparent flesh. For those of you who missed it, there will be an encore presentation on Sunday, September 14th on Fox at 8/7c.

Brian Wilson – That Lucky Old Sun

I never thought I’d see the day where new Brian WIlson material would be something I’d be looking forward to. First, it was the meticulous re-recording & release of SMiLE in 2004. Now Brian Wilson has released another work of pure-genius: That Lucky Old Sun ($23 Vinyl). This new album was record at the Capital Records Studio where Wilson first began recording in 1962. Wilson speaks directly to his listeners on this one with between song guest narratives but still maintains a lush, “fun” vibe. ‘Dude might be nuts but I’m glad music like this is still being made.


Your New Favorite Band: LAPKO

Are you a fan of music from Finland? Probably not. Should you be? Probably. The band LAPKO hails from this otherwise forgotten country (here is the U.S. at least) and is better than most of the shit you’ve been listening to lately. Their 2007 release, Young Desire, features stand-out tracks such as “This Is An Aggressive Melancholy” and the title track “Young Desire” that can be heard on their MySpace page. This is yet to be available in the U.S., but for your sake I hope that changes soon.

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