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No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain

Does anyone else love watching the show No Reservations on the Travel Channel as much as I do? Unfamiliar with it? Well I will do my best to come up with a quick synopsis… Renowned Chef, Anthony Bourdain, gets sent to cities across the world where he spends 2-3 days engrossing himself in their culture, eating their finest food and getting pretty drunk on the local favorite alcohol. That’s all you need to know. Now get to watching!

On Monday, February 2nd at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel, Anthony will be sent to Chicago. So how is it that he has avoided Chicago for so long? In the upcoming episode of No Reservations, he sets off on “some unfinished business” to rectify that situation. Check out the trailer below and make sure watch this shit on Monday nights.

Reminder: Built by Snow – MEGA

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This Album is out NOW. You may recall our very own Tim Williamsinterview with the band.

If you haven’t heard them yet, Built by Snow combine all the quirky technical gadgetry we love about synth rock with unapologetically nerdy, earnest lyricism.

If you’re looking for mathematically sound ways to describe your broken heart and upbeat melodies that you’ll be humming in the shower for weeks, now you know where to turn.

So check out one of my favorite new albums if you need Something In 3-D.


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Usually I’m not one to post about “buzz bands”. Ya know, ones that are signed to huge, major labels and are getting the shit promoted out of them and people think they are simply doing well because of “word of mouth”. Yeah, those. With all of that in mind, I can’t help but love the new record by Glasvegas (Columbia Records). The 10 haunting tracks take me back to a time when I wasn’t alive but, but paints a strong enough picture where I can confidently tell people I was. Mix My Bloody Valentine, the Pogues and Buddy Holly and you find yourself escaping into Glasvegas’ sound. Oh and the drummer is a chick who plays standing up.

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The Food Network – Holy Chefs and Shticky Hacks

TV Dinner
by Alex Truong – A&SB Contributor

Winter break boredom is a constant for me upon any return home. My Asian parents frown upon drinking and I am forced to either languish at home or venture into the cold and languish outside. Lazing about and enjoying the no study zone that is my home has become my main preoccupation here, and the flurry coming down outside as I sit down to write this column means that I’ll be continuing the sitting around and doing nothing for at least seven hours, if not all day.

It’s not so bad. My cheapness on campus expresses itself in a lack of cable television, and so I can sit back and pretend to relax as I enjoy the novelty of syndicated afternoon programming. One place my channel-changer not surprisingly always ends up is the Food Network. Though a channel that would seemingly be a foodie’s dream, I have some big problems with the culinary entertainment monolith. There’s this ugly underbelly that exploits the entertainment part of food entertainment.

So, as a courteous service to you, reader, I have compiled a list of all the props that need handing out and all the grievances that need to be aired (even though Festivus is over, we’re doing it anyways) so that everyone can avoid ever thinking that sitting through an hour of some portly man with crazy hair making chicken egg rolls is a good idea again.

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Vadadi Showcases Solid Pop Sensibilities

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by Alex Truong – A&SB Contributor

Who says that Sweden only produces crazy metal? Stockholm’s own Robert Vadadi has produced an album that sort of sounds like Coldplay meets Story of The Year at a Bloc Party show where everyone is being pleasant and maybe re-hashing some girl problems.

One question that enters the head when hearing of Robert Vadadi is, “Does this guy have a sweet accent?” The answer: yeah, a little. With a decent pop sensibility driven by a modern rock engine, Vadadi isn’t creating a new genre by any stretch, but certainly isn’t blending into generic obscurity like Kevin Jonas will in ten years. The self-described sound of “emo/shoegazer based rock” is accurate to an extent, with a little bit more emphasis on the second half.

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