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Pierre de Gaillande


This is why I’m so in love with music. Certain projects are labors of love that come straight through the artist’s heart to yours. In that spirit, you’ve got to take a few minutes out of your day to check out  Pierre De Gaillande’s Gorges Brassens Translation Project.

Brassens is a legendary Frenchman (who I had the pleasure of learning about while on a jaunt in France) whose music is simple, evocative and inanely catchy. Basically, the guy was a kick-ass anarchist in the 60′s who wrote some of the finest guitar lyrics I’ve ever heard. This project translates him into English and goes beyond doing an earnest job of it – its a pretty damn close mirror to the real thing. According to the website:

“Pierre is currently at work on an illustrated book of the translated poems along with a CD of the songs performed in English.”

Dude, I will be the first one in line. Pierre was kind enough to send us a sample track, so check it out!


p.s. check out his full band, Melomane

Read a synopsis of the project in Pierre’s own words after the jump:

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The Bronx – Past Lives [VIDEO]

The Bronx never fail when it comes to their music videos. Now it has gotten to the point where even their fans can’t make a bad video for them. Check out the fan-generated break-dance glory in the player above. If you like what you see/hear, pick up their new record The Bronx (III) on iTunes.

BRB, gotta get in my white leather b-boy gear.

How To Save The Oscars

Modern Oscars telecast formulas are tested on human subjects.

by Tim Williams – A&SB Contributor

The Oscars, I think, deserve a little sympathy.

It’s not that someone thought a bunch of speeches, bad jokes and a dead people montage would make compelling television; it’s just they hoped no one would notice how boring the whole thing was if they showed 20 shots of Bjork in a swan costume.

It all began innocently enough, I’m sure. I can see a Depression-era family huddled around a radio, warming themselves by the glow of the stars of Tinseltown and trying really hard to imagine what food without lard in it might look like. Without having to see high-definition close-ups of Tom Cruise pretending to laugh at Scientology jokes, it might even be pleasant to entertain the idea that, in a faraway land, people could gossip about the cost of rented jewelry instead of rent.

But now a man best known for playing Wolverine is hosting a show full of high-minded cinema no one saw (even Hugh Jackman’s own bona fide stinker Australia got a costume design nod, because it was a period stinker), and you start to wonder if they’re even trying.

It’s not that we’re totally opposed to accidentally putting the entire thing on mute until Heath Ledger appears, it’s that it’s now just so easy to watch, you know, an actual movie instead of “The Movie Event of the Year” on our televisions instead.

It’s clearly too late for 2009. But here’s a few ways to make the Oscars something to gawk at again, if not quite in the way Hollywood wants.

1. We all know, in our hearts of hearts, that most of these jobs, like sound direction and editing, are just as boring as the ones we have. Why not earn working-class respect by showing the Academy at Work, documentary-style. Instead of Meryl Streep thanking gaffers, we get to see her spit coffee in their faces.

2. Class wars! Secretly assign an assortment of people off the street whose favorite movie is “Eurotrip” to various tables, get the champagne flowing, and let the brawls begin. Bonus ratings if Kate Winslet bites someone.

3. Democracy, CNN-style. If a million viewers text “Enuf” to a hotline, all audience members must immediately assault the current speaker with silly string.

4. 3-D is saving the film industry, right? Put, uh, some of that in.

5. Nominate interesting movies


Sholi - Sholi

Sometimes you get sick of pop. Actually, most of the time I’m sick of pop, come to think of it.  Not “sometimes”. I don’t even know why I would start this post with that opening statement.  Anyway, we spend days searching for an artist who’s songs can consistently remind us that great music is an art, not a marketing company. Fortunately for A&SB, we found San Francisco’s Sholi this week and they did just that.  Their self-titled debut fuses the musical elements of early Radiohead & the musicianship of Kiss Kiss to create a completely unique sound. Check out the track “Tourniquet” below and let us know what you think.

Sholi – “Tourniquet” (mp3)

Anatomy of a Remix – Sleep Station: Fallen

- Take a sparce, immaculately vocalized song, such as “Fallen” off of Sleep Station’s Hang in there Charlie.

- Read the album’s liner notes, figure out what the heck the song is about.

- Listen to the song over and over until you can hear the background atmospherics and evaporating strings of guitar extract in your sleep.

- Channel the story the original artist was trying to tell, adding what you imagine he left out for lack of space.

- Write this story in poem form. The poem must match the rhythms of the musical breaks:

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Ever Wonder Why The Music Industry Is In The Shitter?

Jonas Brothers

Ever wonder why the music industry is in the shitter?  It’s because they sell a lot of shit.

It takes a while for pop culture to catch up to me, something I’m rather proud of.  I finally saw these little jerk-offs for the first time over the weekend…

Not only is this song horrendous but there’s a band playing it for them in the background.  Those guitars aren’t plugged into anything.  So basically the only thing they needed to do was sing… and they couldn’t even pull that off.  I’m usually tolerant of music when I realize that it’s demographic is children, I understand it’s not meant for me, but this is embarrassing to the human race.  This should offend parents who want their kids to grow up with some understanding of culture.  The following is a comment left on the video’s YouTube page… “OMG that opening picture is so hot! They all look handsome!” Okay I understand that, cute kids, little girls like watching them jump around in dopey outfits, I lived through the New Kids On The Block… I get it… but here’s my problem:  Can’t they find cute kids who can carry a tune or at least dance?

I’m most embarrassed by their purity rings (they wear rings to symbolize their virginity).  I don’t trust that, it makes no sense.  What budding teenage boy playing “rock” music for a bunch of screaming little girls wants that?  Not true, no way, total bullshit.  I would almost forgive the whole thing if they were screwing everything in sight, then at least it would be funny on some level.  But it’s not funny, it’s sad that this is an acceptable form of entertainment in this or any country.

This is a video of a teen idol from 1959:

Now you mean to tell me that no one out there can do this anymore?  Of course it’s Eddie Cochran, but still, what teen idol does anything anywhere near this good?  Our standards have plummeted to an all time low and it has been on the decline for so long.  Last year I met a kid who bragged to me about how he plays Guitar Hero for several hours everyday.  I told him if he spent the same amount of time playing the real guitar he would be awesome and he could play for a real audience one day, filled with humans.  I don’t think he gave a shit… at all.

The Gay Blades – "O Shot" [VIDEO]

As you know, we have been avid fans of The Gay Blades. Well these assholes just put up a video for the ultra-catchy track “O Shot” and it is currently up for voting on mtvU (yes, music videos are still associated with MTV, you just have to dig a little). So, a few things: If you like what you hear, vote for the video and then buy their debut record, Ghosts (Triple Crown) record (it’s only $10, c’mon).