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Lie To Me*

*and tell me this show has been canceled

Whether it’s the lame, hackneyed writing, painfully forced pop culture references or the predictable, predictable plots – this show is the bane of television.

As advertised, this is a blog that promotes positivity. And the most positive thing that could ever happen to television is for the remaining tapes to be mysteriously lost in a tire fire or shot into the Sun.

Believe me, if you haven’t watched this show, don’t. Research suggests Lie To Me’s characters are archetypes of other TV drama archetypes. (And this is coming from a guy who watches Bones.)

Oh, yes. A twist! He has to work with his ex-wife! And what do you know, she’s got him a little on edge, but that hot cougar still has some feelings for our supergenius hero, doesn’t she? Their spunky daughter sure thinks so.

But goddamn it, it’s a good cast, Led by Tom Roth and Kelli Williams, so you might actually get through an episode. If only to see a group of talented professionals make miraculous attempts to save truly horrific material.

Free Fullsteam Records Sampler

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with Fullsteam Records. The first thing you can do is download a free 8 song sampler (c/o featuring 8 amazing tracks from some of their upcoming artists. The second thing you can do is visit and take some notes. This is going to be your favorite label so you’re going to want to be as familiar with it as possible.

01. Rubik – “Wasteland”
02. Disco Ensemble – “Stun Gun”
03. Michael Black Electro – “Necrospiritual”
04. Damn Seagulls – “The City Takes Care Of It”
05. Downstairs – “Mr. Roboto”
06. Jaakko & Jay – “Keep In Touch”
07. Callisto – “Rule The Blood”
08. Cosmobile – “The Finger”


56k Blues

Okay, so we haven’t been updated as frequently as I like, but there is an explanation — your humble editor is on vacation in Milwaukee visiting family and friends (and totally not watching Maury). Problem is, the stone ages of 56K modems are still alive and well in his old house.

Isn’t it funny? When the Internet began we were all yelling at that shit to load faster, and now that it loads faster, we yell at that shit when it has to load at all.

Remember how different your music life was in the days of 56k? First off, this blog wouldn’t exist — too many videos and hi-def pics. Maybe you would still download the Sleep Station album we released, but you’d leave your computer on all day and during the night while it downloaded. (And all the while your phone line would be tied up. Your best bet might actually be to get it on Napster after its been out for a while.)

And damn it, if someone recommended you awesome obscure music like we try to do here, you’d have to trust him enough to spend hours of your life watching that green bar creep forward, and those little numbers creep upward.

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Doves Release New Album 'Kingdom of Rust'


I’m just going to come right out and say it: Doves can do no wrong by me. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of their records, each one well crafted and beautifully recorded. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time picking apart their distinctive sound, unlearning what I already know about mainstream music and having the Doves slowly reteach it all to me. They have spent weeks on my play-list and because of that I’m known to drive co-workers to the point of wanting to suffocate me in my sleep. With that being said, check out their new record, Kingdom of Rust, and the incredible video for the title track below. You’ll love it if you like all things Elbow, Radiohead, Awesome and Longwave.

Anatomy of a Remix – Sleep Station: The Promise You Made v2

I am not fascinated with death. But I do imagine what I might say if I knew it was coming.

Whether I would be obsessed with its immediate circumstances or whether I would try to put my life in a small capsule of words. Would I be grief or panic stricken? Cold or desperate for human contact? Would I try to laugh it off or be crushed by the weight of it all? Those questions are hinted at throughout the EP, but they had to be answered now.

At the end of our remix album The Sleep Station EP comes a song in which we imagine our hero, Colonel Eddie, is drifting in a space capsule – damned to die alone as Charlie moves out of radio range toward re-entry. The song is meant to be a dying transmission – Eddie knows these are the last words anyone will ever hear him speak, so he struggles to be heard over the interference.

The Promise You Made v3 is ugly, and purposefully so. Death is ugly and so is isolation. This cacophony of sound is meant not only to bring his physical state to the fore, but underscore the chaos of grand thought and depression that envelop Eddie as he loses contact with Charlie in an endless void.

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