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Flower, Sun and Rain – Stay Awhile

“As the sun appeared over the eastern horizon, a man arrived from over the seas, carrying a box made of metal. The man looked over the praying people with a wordless smile, … then began circling the tower.”

Where we came from

It doesn’t matter that game designer Suda 51 has probably never met retired game designer Shigesato Itoi. It would be nice if they met. Itoi a real-life copy editor, Suda one in spirit, they consider words and pictures and sounds and thoughts to be disposable, but they treat their arrangement as sacred all the same. What matters, though, is that one learned how to be a good person (hint: making video games for a giant corporation was not the answer), and the other is still learning. As enlightenment is not very interesting, let’s concern ourselves with the one on the path.

You have most likely come across Suda 51 on one of two paths: You have either heard of Killer 7, or you have played No More Heroes. These are sensational(ist) adventure games dressed up as action figures. That people finally have been tricked by this and have started buying Suda’s art* in moderate quantities is a great thing: Buy both of these entertainment softwares about finding meaning in an era in which American and Japanese imperialism have turned their sights on consumption.

Today, however, we will discuss the game that has come the closest to looking itself in the mirror and stepping away unashamed. (As such, it’s far more tedious than the rest of Suda’s work, which people already hotly debate on Internet forums re: their fun level.)

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David Bazan – Curse Your Branches


David Bazan’s bio was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve read in a long time. It explains a lot about what happened from the release of Winners Never Quit by his old band Pedro The Lion to the release of his new album Curse Your Branches. Regardless of his shortcomings (or to some, lack there of) Bazan’s latest effort is surprisingly  ambitious and resurrects my love of his song writing. It looks like it will be a Bazan Winter for me once again. Enjoy Atheism, David – hopefully it will help deliver many more records as good as this one.