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Warby Parker Vintage Inspired Eyewear

Warby Parker Eyewear

As someone who is stuck wearing eyeglasses on a daily basis I am constantly struggling with the complete and total lack of a decent selection out there in the “frame-fashion” world that doesn’t completely burn a hole in my pocket. I find a nice pair of frames and then suddenly I’m thinking of ways I can auction off personal belongings in order to afford them. Thankfully I was recently tipped off to Warby Parker, a vintage inspired eyewear company that specializes in low-cost, high-end frames that aren’t going to eat away at your bank account. The average price is $95 and with that includes lenses and free shipping. If you don’t like them, send them back for a full refund. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard


So, it’s been awhile. Things have been hectic in these parts of A&SB land, mainly because “the man” has been breathing down our neck… and being a small business owner I guess I am “the man” I speak of and I also guess that my neck is broken in order for my head to be positioned in a way for my mouth to reach around to the back of my head. In other words… whoops!

This doesn’t mean we haven’t been feverishly listening to music, going to shows and eagerly on the hunt for something new, something great. Great records are a necessity when working long hours, they help pass the time quickly and let you jump on and off the unbalanced boat of being relaxed and stressed. The Orchard by Ra Ra Riot is one of those records I’ve found that gives me that serenity during the work day and I hope it does the same for you. I will admit that there is no song on it that even compares to the lead-off track on their last record, “Ghost Under Rocks”, but as a unit from beginning to end, this album surpasses the last one as a cohesive piece of art rather than some good tracks here and there.

Original Guided By Voices lineup reunites for greatest show of all time

Matador Records is turning 21 and to celebrate they’re throwing the greatest goddamn party of all time. From October 1st – October 3rd in Las Vegas, NV they will be gathering their classic lineup from ’93 – ’96, including Guided By Voices featuring their original lineup (Tobin Sprout?!). Other artists include Lineup includes Pavement, Sonic Youth, Come, Belle & Sebastion, Spoon, Cat Power, Chavez, Yo La Tengo, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion & many more.This is good news.

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 9th on so get ready to sit in front of your computer and hit the refresh button until they’re available because this will sell out rapidly.

I will leave you with “The Official Ironmen Rally Song”:

Stars Doesn’t Want Your Body

I have a soft spot for Stars, even for this new track which blatantly goes out of its way to explore a whole new world of fans throughout commercial radio. It’s catchy… very catchy and there is nothing wrong with that. My 17 year old, angst-ridden self would be mad at my 28 year old self for saying that… but that little prick had a big mouth and I’m trying to forget him anyway.

“I Don’t Want Your Body” and “Fixer” are from their fifth LP release, The Five Ghosts, which hit stores on June 21st via Vagrant Records in the US. Check out the video for their first single, “Fixer”, after the jump.

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Lapko – A New Bohemia

Head over to iTunes and pick up A New Bohemia, the new release by our friends in LAPKO. The album was produced by the all-powerful D. James Goodwin, was originally released by the all-awesome Fullsteam Records in Finland and is an intense listen from beginning to end. Stand-out tracks are “Grab The Stick”, “Please Need Me” and “I Shot The Sheriff”. Also, check out the video for “I Shot The Sheriff” after the jump.

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Do yourself a favor and download the new Astronautalis mixtape. Ok?


It’s no secret that we love us some Astronautalis. We wear it on our sleeve. Now he’s gone ahead and crafted himself a free mixtape (with help from DJ Fishr Pryce) that anyone and their pop can download, only providing us with more ammo to help spread the gospel.

The album is available as “pay what you want”, but we suggest you “pay what you have” to help support Andy in his efforts to eat well/survive on his upcoming tour with Tegan & Sara in Australia this May. Pomegranate was one of the finest albums to come out in 2008 and this is a strong return to the hip-hop roots that drove Astronautalis to become the artist that we hear today.

Read the introduction, download the mixtape and become a new fan here.