Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard


So, it’s been awhile. Things have been hectic in these parts of A&SB land, mainly because “the man” has been breathing down our neck… and being a small business owner I guess I am “the man” I speak of and I also guess that my neck is broken in order for my head to be positioned in a way for my mouth to reach around to the back of my head. In other words… whoops!

This doesn’t mean we haven’t been feverishly listening to music, going to shows and eagerly on the hunt for something new, something great. Great records are a necessity when working long hours, they help pass the time quickly and let you jump on and off the unbalanced boat of being relaxed and stressed. The Orchard by Ra Ra Riot is one of those records I’ve found that gives me that serenity during the work day and I hope it does the same for you. I will admit that there is no song on it that even compares to the lead-off track on their last record, “Ghost Under Rocks”, but as a unit from beginning to end, this album surpasses the last one as a cohesive piece of art rather than some good tracks here and there.